ImagineAPlace LLC

ImagineAPlace LLC
2645 Lois Lane SE
Atlanta GA
Booth: 133

Company Description:

ImagineAPlace was founded with the sole Purpose of putting into action the highest ideals of giving people the opportunity to show their true talents. We also envision a community where kids will have the opportunity to flourish, mentally, emotionally, physically, and most importantly Spiritually by reading and learning.​

The mission of ImagineAPlace is simple. There's a formula that I've learned. Would you like to know the formula? Sure you would.

That formula is Believing + Experiencing + Understanding =
Knowledge. That's my writing formula in a nutshell.

New Products

Variety of custom greeting cards (plain and written), Variety of custom Jewelry Boxes (Horoscopes, Popular brands, and Sororities), Jewelry (limited but including bracelets and necklace), T-shirts and Tumblers (Variety of Black ladies and colors).

Product Images:

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